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A meeting room designed for inspiration and creativity

A meeting room designed for inspiration and creativity

A meeting room designed for inspiration and creativity

Amparo Costa

A few months ago I wrote about why we named our rooms (read more). In that post, several names of valencian districts were shown, but still there was another room, another name: La Xerea. Just the district where Wayco is, in Valencia’s Old Town.

The design, the decor and the furniture of this room stand for the values of Wayco, in a room designed for boosting inspiration and creativity.



Clients that look for something different appreciate its versatility because of its heterogeneous furniture: round table, chairs, armchairs, stools and a high table, also whiteboard, vinyls for drawing and a TV screen.

Creative teams, brainstormings and group dinamics find their perfect environment to empower their highest potential. So it is not allowed formal meetings, bored presentations (aka death by powerpoint), severity and constriction. A free way for inspiration, freshness, imagination, ideas development, motivation and engagement.

The best way to take benefit of a productive workday is go out from your office and dive into a different and inspiring atmosphere as La Xerea room, at Wayco.


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