Wayco Cabanyal: nos vemos cerca del mar

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A year of internationalization

With the end of the year approaching, it’s time to look back and reflect. The end of 2016 has made us feel that it is time to close one chapter

6 great habits for a coworker

Working from a coworking space is something relatively new for many people. Each place and each community has its own rules (written or not), but there are a few universal

Coworking and back to school

September is the month when everybody repeats the same mantra: “Back to school”. Kids, teenagers and adults come back to work and, in general, the entire country stretches out after

Reasons for choose coworking

People who manage a coworking space use the expression Community. People who are part of a community are called members, although we use the term “coworker” too. At Wayco, every

Digital Nomads: a global trend

June has been a month of digital nomads at Wayco. It is a work trend and there is truly a global community of digital nomads. We first where very pleased

International Coworking

2016 is bringing us something that we have been working hard on in recent months: an international environment. To veteran members as Marcel Kalveram (Germany) or Irene Zibert (Venezuela) there