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Coworking and back to school

Coworking and back to school

Coworking and back to school


September is the month when everybody repeats the same mantra: “Back to school”. Kids, teenagers and adults come back to work and, in general, the entire country stretches out after a hot summer and starts to gear all its parts as an old vapor train restarts its journey

DesayunoWayco-Julio-equipoWe do not like clichés, because our business is full of non-conventional topics and we love it this way. Our “back to school” is very different. On the one hand, many coworkers do not leave the office because they prefer summer time for work. Others come back full of energy and very excited to meet again with the community. Also there are new members willing to start a new professional stage working in a shared space. That happens every year, loyal members and other people that come and go. It is a natural turnover that reflects dynamism and gives us a continuous renovation and inspiration. (Discover our CO people)

Also we have room hire clients, who use different spaces for many activities: Ellen organizes Webinars, Jose makes product presentations for customers, Paloma organizes team coaching, Juan makes professional orientation sessions or Alexia, who organizes training sessions. So, our rooms remain full of activity and add events to the agenda scheduled by Wayco, it also allows us do not suffer any “Back to school” syndrome, because Wayco is the place where things always happen.

gente_wayco2If you want to change things, start by doing them differently. REINVENT, change your habits, step out of your own world, take other points of view, listen to others. OPEN YOUR MIND, take in everything around you. CONTRIBUTE, suggest, interact with professionals from other areas. Do COWORKING.

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