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Digital Nomads: a global trend

Digital Nomads: a global trend

Digital Nomads: a global trend


June has been a month of digital nomads at Wayco. It is a work trend and there is truly a global community of digital nomads.

We first where very pleased to welcome the ‚ÄúRemotes‚ÄĚ participating on the program Remote Year. Around 60 nomads that travel the world while working remotely and they have chosen our Coworking Space in Valencia. This community has greatly enriched our space environment. Some of them are freelance and others work for other companies, but they all have something in common, the love to travel and experience abroad. (Read more here)


We also had a pair of new coworkers: the Remote Couple. They are a couple from Germany that works remotely while traveling the world. Anna is doing freelance work as a front-end WordPress and WooCommerce developer. Constantin (Con) works as a WooCommerce Ninja at Automattic a remote distributed company, that allows him to work from anywhere. You can check their post about their stay in Valencia here.

We all know that the basis of a digital nomad experience is the internet connection. Anna and Con participated in the Nomad Cruise and they liked it as a concept, but even though the idea of ‚Äúgetting together 200 people on a cruise ship and motivate them to exchange knowledge and get to know each other is a great feat‚ÄĚ, as Con said, the experience was not quite as they imagined because of the bad internet connection.

Other group of coworkers have been working from our space: Sarah, Gabriele and Andrea. They all work for the company Nomad Capitalist, Offshore Strategies from Real People. Nomad Capitalist can help you find the best countries in the world to bank, do business, invest, and become a citizen.

So we can definitely say that being a digital nomad it is not a trend for the future but a present lifestyle.

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