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Antoine Rousseau: «The Wayco Cabanyal podcast room will be an incredible space for the creation and production of audio content

Antoine Rousseau: «The Wayco Cabanyal podcast room will be an incredible space for the creation and production of audio content

Antoine Rousseau: «The Wayco Cabanyal podcast room will be an incredible space for the creation and production of audio content


Antoine Rousseau en wayco Ruzafa


  • The founder of creative agency Memento will collaborate with Wayco in the launch and management of its new podcast recording room.

  • On the music industry: “Valencia has a very dynamic music and creative scene, and its strategic location in Europe makes it a multicultural crossroads,” says Rousseau.


At the age of 25, Antoine Rousseau (Toulouse, 1998) is an author, composer, producer and an emerging entrepreneur in the international music industry. After attending Berklee College of Music in Valencia and working at Sony Music Entertainment and She Knows Tech Management, Antoine now founds Memento, an independent creative agency dedicated to supporting and promoting creative professionals.

Memento and Wayco have just signed a collaboration agreement to launch a podcast recording studio at Wayco Cabanyal, a space designed for professionals from inside and outside Wayco to explore formats such as podcasting and streaming, among others.


You have just performed on Panorama Cultureta, the music radio programme broadcast from Wayco Ruzafa. What was the experience like?

Great! The experience at Panorama Cultureta has been incredible. Performing on that music radio show and sharing my music with an enthusiastic audience and receiving their live feedback was surreal. The atmosphere at Wayco Ruzafa is always inspiring and it was great to be part of such a special event.


Although in Wayco we usually see you as a “businessman”, the truth is that you moved from Toulouse to Valencia to study music at Berklee Valencia, right?

That’s right, I moved from Toulouse to València to study at Berklee València. It was a decision that completely changed my life. At Berklee Valencia, I was able to immerse myself in a vibrant musical environment, surrounded by talented musicians and industry professionals. It was an enriching experience that allowed me to hone my musical skills and broaden my vision of music and business in the industry.


And how does one go from studying at a music school to working at Wayco Ruzafa?

The transition from studying at a music school to being a coworker at Wayco Ruzafa was very natural for me. During my training at Berklee Valencia, I acquired knowledge and skills in both music and business. This allowed me to combine my passions and apply my knowledge in the business world. At Wayco I found an environment conducive to working, fostering the development of my projects, and joining this community has allowed me to continue growing professionally.


What projects are you working on at the moment?

At the moment, I am working on several exciting projects. On the one hand, I am focused on the growth and development of Memento, my creative agency. On the other hand, I’m working on creating creative retreat experiences for the music industry in collaboration with my colleague Rodrigo Contreras and his company PŌC. And as you know, I’m collaborating with coworking to set up a podcast recording room in Wayco Cabanyal.


Tell us about Memento…

Memento is an independent creative agency specialising in creative professionals and artistic proposals. We work with music producers, composers of music for image and audiovisual professionals. Our aim is to support and provide services to these professionals at all stages of their careers. And when we say support, we mean providing them with the tools, resources and support they need to achieve them. Through Memento, we offer various types of services, from talent representation, equipment rental and the creation of spaces and experiences.


And why Valencia? Considering the sector you work in, it would be logical to think of cities like Madrid or Barcelona.

After my studies, Spain and specifically Valencia presented itself as an obvious choice in my project, as I consider it to be a city full of potential and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Valencia has a dynamic music and creative scene, and its strategic location in Europe makes it a multicultural crossroads. In addition, the business environment and support for creative initiatives in the city are aspects that I value and have inspired me to develop initiatives in the design capital of the world.


At the beginning of the month we woke up to the following headline: “The Valencian music industry invoices almost 35 million in 2022, but is far from the pre-pandemic figures” What do you think about it??

As for the Valencian music industry, it is an inspiration to see that despite the challenges it has faced due to the pandemic, it continues to grow and generate significant revenues. Although there is still some way to go to reach pre-pandemic figures, this news shows the resilience and potential of the industry in Valencia. I believe it is important to continue supporting and strengthening the local music ecosystem in order to achieve sustainable development.


Is that why you proposed to create a podcast recording room in the Wayco Cabanyal coworking space? What can you tell us about it? There are a lot of rumours.

The Wayco Cabanyal podcast recording room will be an amazing space for the creation and production of audio content. There has been a lot of buzz because we have been working with the Wayco team on this collaboration for a year. This joint initiative will be the first of a larger project.

In fact, at Wayco and Memento, we share the conviction that the community plays a fundamental role in the success of each of its members. The exchange between coworkers is at the heart of the design of Wayco’s spaces, both in the structure of the common areas and in the events organised.

That is why we have the ambition to offer high quality spaces that are comfortable, intuitive and equipped to foster the development of innovative audiovisual projects. The Podcast Room will be the first example of this vision and a way in which Wayco will continue to support its members by promoting creativity in all its forms.


– Video of Antoine’s performance at Panorama Cultureta. 

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