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Mercat Room

WayCO’s most versatile and dynamic space: an old industrial hall transformed into a blank sheet of paper, where you can organize daring events. The natural light coming from the roof and the glazed walls are the main hallmark of this space. It also has an innovative LED lighting system to create different atmospheres. The spaciousness of Mercat allows you to imagine all kinds of gatherings and activities.

Room surface:


Room rates:

Half day Consultar
Full day Consultar

VAT not included

Room capacity:

100 pax
School: 100 pax

Additional services

  • Videoconferencing system + TV
  • Interactive digital monitor
  • Projector or TV screen
  • Sound system
  • Board
  • Catering
  • Exclusive interior patio
  • Photo and/or video
  • Streaming
  • Meeting Pack – folder with paper sheets, pen and water bottle

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