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Eixample Room

Our most stately and elegant room. The maroon carpet, the dark facing brick wall and the furniture in different shades of gray give this room an aura full of energy. Witness to countless screenings when it housed the magical Goya Cinemas, now these four walls witness administration meetings, video conferences and mixed events. The rectangular layout of the space allows the use of a television screen and blackboard without the need to reduce capacity.

Room surface:

30 m2

Room rates:

By hour 30€
Half day 120€
Full day 195€
Pack 10 240€
Pack 20 400€

VAT not included

Room capacity:

10 pax
Imperial: 10 pax
Imperial: 10 pax

Additional services

  • Projector or TV screen
  • Board
  • Catering
  • Meeting Pack – folder with paper sheets, pen and water bottle

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Carrer de l'Almirall Cadarso, 26
46005 València
+34 962 06 23 24

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Carrer de L'Historiador Diago, 3
46007 València
+34 960 50 19 16

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