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Sala Segrelles

With excellent daylight and colorful furniture that invites dynamism, Segrelles room has become athe favorite for all types of public. Brainstorming sessions, product presentations and corporate meetings acquire here a lively and positive look. Special mention should be made of the decorative wooden door, belonging to what was once a gold and silver wire factory.

Room surface:

30 m2

Room rates:

By hour 30€
Half day 120€
Full day 195€
Pack 10 240€
Pack 20 400€

VAT not included

Room capacity:

9 pax
School: 6 pax
Imperial: 9 pax
School: 6 pax
Imperial: 9 pax

Additional services

  • Videoconferencing system + TV
  • Interactive digital monitor
  • Projector or TV screen
  • Sound system
  • Board
  • Catering
  • Photo and/or video
  • Streaming
  • Meeting Pack – folder with paper sheets, pen and water bottle