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Berlanga Room

Located in the epicenter of the coworking, this space has been designed based on the Scrumb work methodology: it encourages agility and efficiency, allows freedom of movement and has cutting-edge technological resources. A room for demanding meetings, which has an innovative video conferencing system and a steel board, which acts as a wall. Opt for privacy or an impressive setting, thanks to its large windows overlooking the olive tree in the main coworking space of wayCO Ruzafa.

Room surface:

14 m2

Room rates:

Per hour 28€
Half day 120€
Full day 180€
Bonus 10 240€
Bonus 20 420€

VAT not included

Room capacity:

6 pax
U: 6 pax
U: 6 pax

Additional services

  • TV Screen and Video Conferencing
  • Board
  • Photo and/or video
  • Meeting Pack – folder with paper sheets and pen