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Wayco Cabanyal, the new coworking space in Valencia, an ally of companies in the port sector

Wayco Cabanyal, the new coworking space in Valencia, an ally of companies in the port sector

Wayco Cabanyal, the new coworking space in Valencia, an ally of companies in the port sector


Nacho Cambralla

In May 2023, Wayco opened its new coworking space in Valencia, Wayco Cabanyal, with the aim of supporting companies in the port and logistics sector.

Located in the neighbourhood of El Cabanyal, this coworking space has reached an average occupancy rate of 70% after one year in operation. Nacho Cambralla, Managing Director of Wayco, highlights the relevance of the proximity to the Port of Valencia and the port sector companies that operate in this area, as well as the connection with the innovative ecosystem of La Marina: “We are the ideal complement for expanding port companies that require additional spaces for their new projects”.

In addition, Wayco Cabanyaloffers training and meeting areas, ideal for companies looking for a change of atmosphere, which encourages creativity and business activity. At 2,800 square metres, the space provides everything from flexible individual workstations to larger, self-contained areas for large teams.

For Nacho Cambralla, one of Wayco’s advantages is the promotion of “community entrepreneurship, which facilitates the creation of business opportunities”, as well as the size of its facilities, “which allows us to be a valuable partner for companies of all sizes”. In fact, “more than 50% of our users are international, especially from Germany and the Netherlands”.

To optimise business contacts, Wayco Cabanyal has its own cafeteria and catering service under the brand name “Café de CO”, which offers weekly menus for employees and catering services for private events, meetings, training sessions or product presentations.

Podcast Room

A distinctive feature of Wayco Cabanyal is the Podcast-room, an audio and video recording studio that was opened six months ago in response to business demand for this type of space, equipped with advanced professional technology.

Sustained growth

“Wayco is a 100% Valencian company, committed to the city of Valencia,” says Nacho Cambralla. The company’s strategy is to strengthen its presence in the capital of the Turia, “where we see great potential for growth”. Moreover, this growth is organic, as Wayco prefers to do things carefully;

Wayco manages three spaces in Valencia, offering a total of 600 jobs. “We have no immediate plans to open more, but we are always open to new opportunities. The essence of Wayco is “recovering buildings, respecting their history and environment, and adapting to the neighbourhood where we open new coworking spaces”, concludes Nacho Cambralla.

Interview published on 24 May, in the Journal ofPort and made by Raúl Tárrega.

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