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Lily Van Hende | Wayco People #4

Lily Van Hende | Wayco People #4

Lily Van Hende | Wayco People #4

Amparo Costa



Lily Van Hende

Country Manager at SwiftComply 

Lily is from Belgium, she is very sociable and cheerful, with a soft spot for Amsterdam, Antwerp, Ghent and Valencia. But as she says ‘There’s no place like home!’

She chose Valencia because this city has all the ingredients for a perfect mix of work, leisure and good quality of life. On top of this, the mild temperatures throughout the year makes it easy to stay here forever.

Lily works as country manager at SwiftComply, a Dublin based tech company, where they help water and wastewater utilities and food businesses to accelerate digital transformation to manage Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) related compliance. 


What is the purpose of SwiftComply?

We’re on a mission to tackle modern environmental issues like fatbergs which cause sewer blockages and cost the community a big deal of money. We connect regulators with the catering sector to reduce the burden on compliance, while also helping cities and water utilities to reduce the impact of wastewater on the environment. One of the aims is to collate data to better understand the these food businesses using the sewerage networks. 

What do you do at SwiftComply?

I work with water companies to help them deploy a technology programme and setup educational campaigns to prevent waste streams like fats, oils and grease from entering the sewerlines.

Why Wayco?

So many reasons. First off, Wayco is not just a work place. To give you an example: Wayco has plenty of opportunities to connect with other members. They have a very engaging community, and organizes so many events outside of the work place too. Secondly, the location is top notch. I have been working in a few other coworking spaces, and none of them comes even near this level of services and facilities. The crew are very supportive and helps its members in every way they can.

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