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Reasons for choose coworking

Reasons for choose coworking

Reasons for choose coworking

Amparo Costa

People who manage a coworking space use the expression Community. People who are part of a community are called members, although we use the term “coworker” too. At Wayco, every coworker has their reasons to be here and everyone interacts and connects with others more or less. I always say that not everyone can participate and interact at the same level, but we always respect that.

I like to analyze how new members settle in our community. It is also a healthy habit to ask them directly about how they feel. That is what I recently did with Paco and now, I introduce him:

Paco Ramírez arrived at Wayco in April with his partner. They had a painstaking business plan for their Inbound Marketing company: Acuerdo Creativo. He quicikly fitted in our coworking space and began meet people, searching for synergies. Quico & Cristina, from Eruga, helped him with the design and branding. The next step was participate in several activities as Speed-meeting and Wayco Breakfast.

Paco and the rest of attendees at Wayco Breakfast (July)

After four months, I requested him to tell us why he loves Wayco and those are his reasons:

Since tha past years in Spain, the coworking spaces offer has been growing.¬† I think the word “coworking” is a set of very heterogeneous services and, sometimes, very different to each other.

I feel happy because, on my third try, I have found a place like Wayco. After more than 3 months as a coworker, I can say I am very lucky because I have found something that I wasn’t looking for. In fact, I didn’t know nothing about that kind of services.

When you are looking for a place to work, where you spend the most of the day, your needs are a comfortable, well communicated and nice spot but, first of all, with good vibes.

I know is very hard to meet those expectations because they are part of our emotions and feelings. I am not sure how to manage a place like this to satisfy that goal, but I know some essential features. It is very important the empathy, the good manners and the ability of the managing team to make you feel good. At the same time, the team should provide a participative environment for the proffesional development.

For me Wayco has been a clear case of reality exceeding expectations. Since I work in this coworking space I feel working with a prodigious team. In other words, is the same feeling when you watch a terror movie at home but fear effects are diluted by the company sensation. This is similar to what I feel when working at Wayco because of the prodigious managing attitude of Nacho Cambralla and his colleagues, Raquel and Sandra.

Thank you so much from the Wayco team, Paco!

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