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Wayco is going International

Wayco is going International

Wayco is going International

Amparo Costa

We are currently living in a fast-paced world that is being increasingly populated by XXIst century nomads who grow up between airports, own two passports, speak at least three languages and live out of suitcases. We are no longer asked to “think outside the box” but rather assume that there is none and when asked “where is home?” we say one place but really, we don’t know. Buzz words such as “TCKs” (Third Culture Kids) have become mainstream while expatriates find themselves trying to explain the “travel bug” to those who just don’t have it. We are here to tell you that globalisation is taking off and Wayco is welcoming you on board.


Since March, the Wayco team and Tara Biart, an internationalist based in Valencia, have been secretly working to launch International Wayco Meets, an initiative that seeks to bridge the gap between the expatriate and local community and become Valencia’s intercultural meeting point. Through International Meets, Wayco will be launching two monthly events: Thirsty Thursday and Brunch at Wayco.

Thirsty Thursday will offer a unique afterwork that caters to the diverse international community in Valencia. It will be an invitation only event, where, contrary to other after-works, valuable members from both the expatriate and local community will be handpicked to join in petit comité on the Wayco terrace. Good vibes, and an exotic international food theme will be guaranteed every second Thursday of the month.

Brunch at Wayco will consist of bilingual monthly breakfast workshops that will take place once a month, starting in June. During these brunches, attendees will have the opportunity to hear from world-renowned experts who will discuss about diverse topics, ranging from emerging economies to the art of storytelling, while enjoying fresh coffee, a good breakfast and meeting friendly people who share the same interests and international vision.

Last but not least, we will start this exciting new journey with a special guest. Dr. Tanguy Jacopin is a world renowned expert in emerging economies, internationalisation of companies and new business models. Although he is officially based in Madrid, he works all over the world as the managing director of Global Born, a consultancy firm that specialises in emerging markets, a researcher and associate professor in the world’s top business schools in countries such France, Brazil, Spain, India and Morocco. Dr. Jacopin will be coming to Valencia to offer us a talk called “Emerging Markets: What will be the Worldwide Growth Champions in the Next Decade? ” on Thursday 19th of May from 12h00 to 13h30 here at Wayco.


More information can be found on Wayco’s Agenda page.

We look forward to welcoming you soon to #WaycoInternational.

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