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Advantages of working in a coworking

Advantages of working in a coworking

Advantages of working in a coworking


When I show Wayco to people who are thinking of joining our space, I always put in value that becoming part of our community can open your mind and your professional opportunities. Being in contact with people from all around the world that work in many different areas can be very enriching and practical. Our coworkers are nourished from each other if needed and without moving from their work space. As a member of the Wayco team, I love to connect people and Wayco is a great place to do so. This is one of the best advantages of all!

You can find guides, tips and multiple articles about the best way to work from home… that sounds quite challenging. Reconciling work and family life can be much easier if you separate the place you live from the place you work. We all need to disconnect at some point from our jobs and just walking away from your coworking desk when your workday ends is the first step to relax properly when you are at home. I have heard several times from some of our coworkers, that when they used to work from home they got more easily distracted and even spent days without taking off their pijamas… We all know this is a spiral of non-productivity.

We are a bike-friendly space.

Another of the advantages is the flexible pricing. Some people do not require a full-time office, so some coworking spaces like Wayco offer reduced rates, half-day packages prices weekly hours… Reducing you costs of hiring an office for you or your company is also an advantage and you can also forget about everything related to maintenance and contracting.

The whole space and all it offers is also an advantage. Having access to different meeting rooms, and different work areas can be useful in your workdays or when receiving a client or partner. Our building is distributed in different atmospheres and rooms including the great coffee shop and its terrace. We have places to meet and have a drink, relax and even take a yoga class. This helps you interact with others or find privacy if needed. It is great to have this options in the same work space that you will never find at home or at a common small office.

Standing work area at Wayco Gallery.

Sometimes I encourage our coworkers to organize their own open activities like presentations, talks and trainings and our community really appreciates our monthly agenda full of all kinds of networking, cultural or professional events. Creating a community is great and has much to contribute to the decision of choosing a coworking space. It is great to have within easy reach all kind of activities in your workspace.

This are some of the multiple advantages, every coworker will highlight their own so have a try and live a coworking experience!

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