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Advantages and disadvantages of working in a coworking space

Advantages and disadvantages of working in a coworking space

Advantages and disadvantages of working in a coworking space

Ventajas y desventajas de trabajar en un espacio de coworking
Wayco Cabanyal Flex Zone

A coworking space can simply be understood as a traditional office space… but with a twist.  Compared to a normal company office, where the boss assigns you a desk, coworking benefits from freedom of choice. In other words, “do you want that particular place by the window with lots of light”, it’s yours! Unless, of course, a coworker is faster than you. 

Plus, the environment offers you endless opportunities to network with professionals working independently for local or international companies, all from the same shared workspace. Not to mention that it’s often home to quite a few nationalities, so you’ll definitely get your cultural fix!

In recent years, their popularity has grown enormously and they continue to be in high demand all over the world. Why? The rapid rise of remote working and changes in company policies opened the door to more flexible work organisation.

If you have the option to work from wherever you want and you are looking for a change of scenery from your traditional office to a more attractive and fun office, coworking space is what you are looking for!

Main benefits of coworking 

Productivity improvement

If you’ve had enough of working from home, join a coworking space. The shared environment, full of like-minded professionals, will increase your motivation and your productivity will grow rapidly, as you will be able to work comfortably in the place of your choice;

Cost reduction

Setting up a traditional office is an investment. Being responsible for the high maintenance and ever-increasing costs of rent, utilities or hiring administrative staff can easily be reduced by switching to coworking. Keep in mind that the type or duration of your membership is entirely up to you and your needs, while everything else is fully included.

Community and networking

The spaces are great for making friends and expanding your network, so you don’t have to feel lost, even if you’ve just moved to the city. The fact that there are a variety of activities organised with a community full of professionals ensures that you can find one that suits you best and you’ll be able to establish a great relationship with the rest of your coworkers;

Wayco offers a wide variety of monthly networking events such as Wayco Learn workshops or Wayco Inspira afterworks, and if you prefer more sporty events, we also organise yoga afternoons, ping pong tournaments, paddle surf classes…

Other benefits of coworking

Flexibility and Accessibility

Ensuring flexibility for members of a shared space is a top priority, which is why operating hours are also adapted accordingly. For example, Wayco members can enter the space before the official opening of the office, with their own facial recognition, an additional advantage for those who need to match schedules from different time zones or for early risers in general who wish to work rather early in the morning.

Wayco coworking offices have solutions for everyone: unassigned seating in the flex zone, assigned desks in fixed offices or a private office for you and your team. In addition, you can take advantage of meeting roomsbookable or lounge spaces.

Partnership opportunities

Working in open spaces is designed to encourage the spontaneous exchange of ideas with people from different backgrounds. Coworking offices welcome people of different nationalities, which gives the advantage of learning from each other and possible collaborations or future partnerships;

Creativity and Innovation

Spaces are an ideal option for those looking for growth or new business opportunities. Wayco is a great example of when creativity and innovation meet. Here, you can expect to kick-start a new way of thinking, also thanks to our community events with guest speakers, who will bring new points of view and new ideas;

Potential Disadvantages of Coworking

Distractions in the Workspace

Working in a shared office does not have to be ideal for everyone, as it also makes it easier to be distracted. Having different people working at the same shared desk, with some colleagues typing more exaggeratedly than others, can be annoying for some. So if you are sensitive to noise or movement around you, you might consider using headphones or moving to a more private corner. Nothing that can’t be solved.

Privacy issues

Since working in a shared office focuses on creating a community that thrives on collaboration, this could mean you have less privacy than in a traditional office. However, Wayco solves this problem with private booths, ensuring that personal or work-related calls are kept strictly within soundproof walls;

In addition, we also have individual sofas with small tables, which can be used by anyone who prefers to have their own space within the coworking space.

Choosing the Right Coworking Space

As working in a shared office becomes increasingly popular, it is crucial to choose one that suits you in every aspect and boosts your productivity. Therefore, be sure to take advantage of the free trial days, if available. Trying out the environment before you sign up as a member will confirm whether you are fully satisfied with the area and facilities of our three offices;


Whether you work remotely on your own or are looking for private offices for your companyWayco can create an offer that fits all your requirements for the best coworking experience.

Get ready to benefit from the flexibility, accessibility and power of collaboration and networking. We are convinced that connecting with like-minded people from different backgrounds will enhance your creativity and allow you to gain new perspectives.

Still have questions? Contact us for more information and get your trial dayto experience Wayco today.

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