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Yann Plancqueel

Yann Plancqueel

Yann Plancqueel

Yann in our inner terrace. (Photo by Raquel Cambralla)

Yann is a quiet and kind guy from France that came to Wayco at the end of the last year. He quickly integrated in our community participating in several activites and sharing knowledge and ideas with other coworkers. Now, we discover more about him.

What is your professional background?

I grew up close to Paris in France where I studied software engineering. I started my career working in the video game industry as a developer as I was passionated by video games. After five years, when a friend told me about the social project he was working on I quitted my job and started to do web development full-time on the project. This project never reached critical mass and I continued working as a freelance Ruby on Rails web developper for two years before moving to Valencia, Spain. Capitalizing on my experience as a freelance, I created with an associate a web agency and collective of web and mobile freelancers called The Walking Nerds. This organization works as an agency and a collective of freelancers at the same time, allowing freelancers to tackle bigger projects together and providing security to our clients. Alongside I also created with an associate InterpretersHelp.com, a platform dedicated to conference interpreters.

What are you working on? What do you like most about your work?

With the Walking Nerds I’m participating in building a platform for social entrepreneurs and initiatives for our client and partner OpenTeam.co. What I like the most about my work is to be able to use my skills to drive social change.

Why did you decide to work from a coworking space? Have you ever worked in another spaces?
I’ve been using coworking spaces since the very beginning I started working as a freelance, this is part of my normal working environment, I could not imagine working without it. It provides a facilitating environment for working and an opening with the coworkers.

Are you participating in other projects or activities?

I love to study and develop myself: I graduated in sociology and now I’m studying nutrition science, sustainable development and leadership for social change. I also participate in the U.Lab online course 2016 and the local U.Lab Hub in Valencia.

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