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International Coworking

International Coworking

International Coworking

Amparo Costa

2016 is bringing us something that we have been working hard on in recent months: an international environment. To veteran members as Marcel Kalveram (Germany) or Irene Zibert (Venezuela) there have joined a number of new coworkers of various nationalities: Mark, Alistair, John and Victoria, UK; Nicholas and Yann from France, Matt Reyes Austin, Texas (USA); Eva and Ruud from Neteherlands; Jos√© Felipe de Panama; Nini Manuja of India; Martin from Denmark. I am convinced, soon other foreigners will be part of this great family and we will extend our particular world map (in our list appears Argentina, Honduras, Italy, Russia …)

In Wayco we have always been interested in knowing other cultures, customs and languages. We think it is essential to enrich us and to open our minds to other ways of thinking and understanding the world. Sometimes we get frustrated that we cannot travel as much as we would like, but on the contrary, we are fortunate that foreigners come to our house so we get to know their life experiences, their lifestyles and habits.

This profile is also added to our Spanish coworkers, who for their business or personal hobby, are tireless travelers and combine their stay in Valencia with trips to different destinations. Our photographer Nerea Coll, loads her backpack with her camera and travels through Spain when the festival season begins; Isabel Viguer, travels to Africa to get inspired to create her fashion designs and Elena Benito Ruiz that suddenly escapes two weeks to San Francisco, the mecca of entrepreneurship.

This multicultural environment has a unique feature: feedback. Foreigners who come to Valencia, in addition to immerse in our city and customs, they also feel very comfortable in environments where there are more people who are outsiders, like them, and are always happy to start a conversation and meet other people. On the other hand, local coworkers with traveling and international vocation do not waste the opportunity to interact and practice another language.
In Wayco other than and create an inspiring space, our objective is to achieve a nurturing environment and we dedicate our know-how to that mission. And you, do you know us? Well now you have no excuse, you are welcome to try our Free Day.

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