Wayco Cabanyal: nos vemos cerca del mar



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Tara Biart

Tara Biart

Tara Biart


I am a XXIst century nomad with a pioneering spirit who have lived across Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. My international background and passion for global issues and innovation have allowed me to acquire the ability to think outside the box, a high level of initiative and an excellent set of interpersonal skills which have allowed me to build rapports with people from all backgrounds.

I have received my master of Emerging Economies and International Development at Kings College London and previously studied International Relations at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid. I am currently collaborating with Wayco as the organiser of #InternationalWaycoMeets, an initiative that organises selective events that seek the bridge between the local and expat community. I also work as the city manager of Valencia for Remote Year, an American company that brings together 75 remote professionals to travel the world for a year.

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